Your FREE email address for life that follows you everywere you go.
Next time you change your ISP, keep your email address.

Feature Free Professional Enterprise
POP                   x x
IMAP   x x
SMTP   x x
WebAccess x x x
Mobile Synchronization
x x
Calendar x x x
Contacts x x x
Tasks x x x
Notes x x x
Rules Filter x x x
Out Of Office Auto Reply x x x
Restore Deleted Items x x x
Advanced Spam Protection x x x
Virus Scanning x x x
Large Storage Quota   x x
Account Never Expires
x x
Hosted Exchange










FREE Account

Sign up now for a HugeMail email address. You'll get a free email address that you can use for the rest of your life. It won't go away when you change jobs; it won't go away when you graduate; it won't go away when you change Internet Service Providers. No matter what happens in your life, your email address will stay the same.


Professional Account

HugeMail's Professional Email service is designed for the dedicated email user. Some of the advantages of a Professional Account are a huge storage quota, an account that never expires, the ability to synchronize your entire account with your mobile phone or iPad, and offline access to your email by using your favourite email client.